Heritage Pewter™ is proud to present The Wildlife Collection by Franz Marktl, world Renowned Wildlife Artist and Engraver,his latest and perhaps best work to date.

Franz Marktl is one of the few European-trained engravers still practicing their art. Beginning at age 14 as an apprentice, Mr. Marktl has now reached the top of his craft. An Austrian National Treasure, it has been said of Mr. Marktl, if he were a singer, he would be Pavorotti, and if he were a painter, he would be Michelangelo.

Specializing in wildlife, Franz Marktl has the ability to capture the animal in its natural environment. He has spent his life traveling around the world studying wildlife anatomy.

Franz Marktl engraved custom guns and knives are sought by collectors the world over. He has been commissioned by the White House and by foreign heads of State to produce his treasures. His work has been shown at the Metropolitan Museum of Art and at the Smithsonian Museum to name a few.

Each master engraving begins with a detailed drawing. The artwork is then transferred onto a thick sheet of sterling silver. Mr. Marktl uses hand made tools to remove bits of metal, sculpting each hair, each rock, each leaf. Every detail is precisely shaped to capture its beauty for all time. A special mold is made at the Heritage Pewter Foundry to faithfully reproduce the intricacy of Mr. Marktl's spectacular work.